Visualisation provides a way of sharing ideas and information to help gain a shared understanding and shared ownership.

Visualising a service in the process of its design is essential to ensure a shared language. It contextualises ideas and provides a basis for common discussion.

Why should I use it?

It helps to ensure that everyone is ‘on the same page’ and allows people to contribute in non verbal and non-text based ways.

How does it work?

Instead of talking and typing thoughts are drawn or written clearly with a sharpie type pen on post-its or paper. Connections can be made, questions asked and elements moved around.

How should I use it?

•to record what people are saying

•to record what people are doing

•to capture thoughts and conversations

•to see ‘the big picture’

•to give a sense of the direction of travel

What do I need?


•Black ‘sharpie’ type pens (and coloured if you have them)