Journey Mapping visualises services and experiences from the users' point of view.

A Journey Map visually shows the experience of a person interacting with a service/product over time.

Why should I use it?

It helps to understand the individual steps a user takes when interacting with a service, the channels they access it by (online, face to face, in an office etc) and their emotional state or satisfaction levels at different points.


How does it work?

A journey map breaks down each journey into five simple steps allowing insights into when someone becomes aware of a service, how they join that service, how they use it, how they develop it and how that journey ends and the user leaves the service.


How should I use it?

A journey map can be used in three ways:

•to record an interview of how someone experienced an existing service

•to show how services currently work - uncovering pain points and opportunities

•to visualise a new service

What do I need?

Journey Map template (or you can make your own)

•Black ‘sharpie’ type pens


Customer Journey Mapping Video Tutorial