Fast Idea Generator helps generate ideas by looking at an issue from a range of perspectives.

This tool allows a team to develop an existing concept or a new idea by looking at it from a range of perspectives. It is an ideation method developed by NESTA.

Why should I use it?

This helps to not only test new potential ideas but also to strengthen a current idea, as it challenges you to look at the problem from different angles.


How does it work?

The Fast Idea Template offers nine different approaches - form adding things, taking things away, turning things upside down. You can choose the ones that seem most applicable and take it further, thus using the tool to stimulate discussion.

We’ve also adapted the Fast Idea Generator into postcards - one approach per card. This lets everyone in a team read them easily and contribute ideas based on the cards in their hand.

Download printable Fast Idea Generator templates by clicking the images below.