Empathy Mapping is a method which allows to see the world from the clients' perspective.

An Empathy Map is a tool that helps you step into someone else’s shoes by documenting what they see, hear, do and feel. It can be used as an introduction to user research, before undertaking observations and interviews.

Why should I use it?

Empathy is essential to human centred design approaches. Understanding how other people’s lives and experiences are very different from your own helps identify needs and barriers without making judgements.

How does it work?

The Empathy map template is filled in by imagining you are the person for whom you are providing a service. Draw the person whose point of view you want to understand and work your way around the central circle completing each section.

How should I use it?

Use empathy maps either prior to interviewing people or when it is not possible to interview people. They are a useful tool for helping people set aside their preconceptions about others.

What do I need?

Empathy Map template (or you can make your own)



“It was a lightbulb moment - stepping into my patient’s shoes.”

Rodney Mountain, Cancer Surgeon.