Service Blueprinting is a method for examining how a current service operates, or envisioning a future service.

Blueprints can be created by an individual but are best done by a cross section of people who use and deliver the service.Time required – from 60 minutes to three hours. It is helpful to come back to the blueprint over time after undertaking field research and interviews.

Why should I use it?

The template enables the service to be considered from the viewpoint of the service user and provider over time and highlights areas for innovation or improvement. Consequently, service blueprints are used to design and deliver a better service experience.


How does it work?

This tool that allows a better understanding of user interactions with a service over time. The service blueprint describes the user journey in addition to all the interactions that make that journey possible.

What do I need?

Blueprint template (or you can make your own)

•Black ‘sharpie’ type pens


Blueprinting in 30 seconds

Blueprinting video tutorial