Backcasting is a visual planning tool which projects back from when a new service is implemented to consider steps essential in getting there.

Backcasting is a project planning tool, a visual method for projecting back from when a new service is implemented to consider what activities, policies and strategies need to be in place to make change happen.

Why should I use it?

It is a useful method for getting a team to create a visual timeline, to which everyone involved can contribute and take ownership of. Starting at a future date, when a new or improved service is in place and working back to the present makes the task seem less daunting.

How does it work?

Complete the timeline – starting from future when the changes you want to make are already up and running. Work backwards – what needs to happen between then and now? Use post-its to put in events and milestones – these can easily be moved and revised – and colour coded.

What do I need?

•Sticky notes

•Black ‘sharpie’ type pens

In the picture above – we have used a printed template, but you can also use ’magic whiteboard’ static plastic film that sticks to surface.


  • Logo symbolising location
  • Twitter logo
  • Logo symbolising link
  • LinkedIn logo
  • Facebook logo
  • Pinterest logo
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